Our Services

Comprehensive treatment options and attentive care.

We treat everything from traumatic and sports injuries to chronic conditions, such as trigger finger, tennis elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others.

Chronic Conditions

We treat many types of ongoing hand and arm discomfort and pain, from the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome to lesser-known problems such as ganglion cysts and Dupuytren’s contracture. 

While they may be treated surgically or non-surgically, we typically explore non-surgical treatments, such as splints or injections, first.

Our consultations will cover all your options, and we’ll give you plenty of information, and time, to make the right decision about treatment.

Some of the chronic conditions
we treat are:

Carpal Tunnal Syndrome

Trigger Finger


Dupuytren’s Contracture

Ganglion Cysts

Tennis Elbow

Sports Medicine

Injuries while playing sports happen at all hours, so we have doctors on call to help at any time. We’re experts at creating custom splints that are lightweight, breathable, and can be taken off or adjusted for bathing and even swimming. And we’re well versed in creating splints that are compliant with the regulations of your sport. We’ll do our best to get you back in the game.

From toddlers who fall off of a swing to young at heart golfers with hand pain, our fellowship trained physicians have the expertise it takes to evaluate every kind of injury.

Our physicians do not use plaster casts. 

They utilize light weight splints that are compliant with the Ohio High School Athletic Association regulations and may be worn during games with physician approval.    

These custom splints are able to be worn in the shower and even the pool! 

 Convenient for patients of all ages.

Work-Related Injuries

Construction workers, landscapers, gardeners, deli staff, machinists, factory employees – we treat people from all kinds of trades who’ve been hurt at work. 

And we’re experts at navigating the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation system.

If you’ve been injured on the job, this is the place to come to get healed and back to work fast.

We understand this can be a complex process for many of our patients.  

Our staff is trained and ready to assist you.


THC is licensed and accredited by Medicare and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and we are dedicated to providing you with the excellent healthcare that you expect.

Ownership Disclosure

Joint Venture with OhioHealth. The Center is a joint venture between a group of Columbus area doctors and OhioHealth.

Patient Forms

For your convenience, patient forms can be downloaded, printed and completed by you at home. Please bring the completed forms to our office at the time of your visit. Please make sure to sign all forms.

Patient Information

In order for us to provide the best care for you please read the following information.


Who We Are

People throughout Ohio and surrounding states seek specialized care for their hands and arms at Hand and Microsurgery Associates.

Our physicians specialize in hand and arm microsurgery, therapy, and other advanced upper-extremity medical treatments. In addition to traditional medical education and surgical residencies, each of our doctors received two years of fellowship training focused solely on treatment of hand and arm injuries.

For more information visit website of Hand and Microsurgery Associates.